I have de-installed Praxis Public House and attempted to return the room to its original form.

Thank you to Fran and Rosie for helping me paint the floor.



If you missed the performance or want to relive the experience, here is footage of Stabbing Les playing at the closing party.

Thank you to Chris Minnis and Pete Devlin for providing the sound equipment which made the performance possible.


Praxis Public House has closed its doors after two weeks of business.Thank you to everyone to visited the pub and showed their support throughout the exhibition.

The Closing Party on Saturday was great night and a good way to end the project. Thanks to everyone who came along on the night.

Stabbing Les did their best to entertain the crowd, with their “raw” sound. Their performance was recorded and will be posted on the blog once it has been edited.

Today and tomorrow are the final days of Praxis Public House before it closes.

The pub will be open tonight if you would like to join me for a drink. It will nice to see people in the space and share some conversations before the pub gets ready to close its doors. 

If you would like to come, Please bring your own drinks with you


Saturday night – CLOSING PARTY

The Closing party is tomorrow (Saturday 3rd) with Stabbing Les performing live.

The doors open at 7pm. The performance will start about 7:45. Arrive early if you like to see the band, space is limited.

Please bring your own drinks to the event

See Events page for more details

I had a nice afternoon yesterday celebrating David’s Birthday and congratulating John on passing the viva for his PhD.



On Tuesday night the Friends of the Hatton had a tour of the MFA Exhibition. The mid-tour break for food and drink was held in the pub. Thank you to Carol for organising the session.

A lot of interesting points were raised about DIY Culture and its different interpretations during this afternoon’s discussion. Thank you Nick and Nathan for speaking and starting the conversation.