Closing Party with Stabbing Les performing live

Saturday 3 September, 7pm

The members of Stabbing Les dreamed of being in bands when they were children. When they were teenagers they picked up and instruments attempted to form bands with their contemporaries. They failed.

Tonight they will live out their childhood dreams by performing songs from their youth.

NOTICE: Please bring your own drinks to the party




Let’s forget Everything & get drunk

rich fisher & his splendifidus truffle band

monday 22nd  August

6:00pm – 11:00pm

Let’s forget everything, class
systems, imaginations, re-makes,
green energy, mass murder, riots;
Let’s forget sustainability, striving,
rationality, streaming, art,
geography and romance;
Let’s forget everything
and get drunk.


Live experiments in analogue AV film making by Harry Palmer with invited collaborator with Toby Lloyd

Monday 29th August

Doors open 9pm. Doors close 9:20. Performance starts 9:30

The aim of Scartvideo films concern the discovery and delight in making videos that are imaginative, experimental and encourage viewers to make their own story from the films that they see.

Scart Video work can be viewed here


Praxis Doesn’t Always Make Perfect: A talk about DIY Culture.

Thursday 1 September, 2 – 4pm

Nick Malyan [Empty Shop] and Nathan Griffin [Equestrian Collective/ONSIND] will be talking about theory and practise in DIY Culture.

The aim of this event is to be more a discussion than a presentation. They will do this by posing several questions to start a conversation with those present. Participation is encouraged but not compulsory.