On Thursday 1st September at 2pm Nick Malyan and Nathan Griffin will be talking about theory and practise in DIY Culture.

The aim of this event is to be more a discussion than a presentation. They will do this by posing several questions to start a conversation with those present. Participation is encouraged but not compulsory.


Nick is the co-founder of Emptyshop in Durham

Nathan is part of The Equestrian Collective and plays in the band ONSIND


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On Monday night Harry and I made our live first live film together in front of an audience.  We were really pleased with the work we made on the night. Excerpts of the film will be on the SCARTVIDEO website soon.

Thank you to everyone to come along to the performance. We had some great responses to the work and meet some nice new people.



On Monday some good friends of mine from Cambridge visited the pub. It was really nice to catch up with them and I am really pleased that they were able to travel up to see the work.



The next event will be a performance by SCARTVIDEO (Harry Palmer with invited collaborator Toby Lloyd)

Monday 29th August, 9:30pm

If you would like at attend please arrive between 9 and 9:20pm. The doors of the Fine Art Building will be locked after this time.

There will be some complimentary drinks on offer but please also bring your own refreshments.

For enquires please email:  toby.lloyd@gmail.com

More information about SCARTVIDEO can be found here


I made this film during the installation of the pub in response to the University Health and Safety department telling me that I would not be able to serve my home brew during the exhibition.

Over the course of the exhibition a lot of people have bypassed my work, mistaking it for an actual university bar which does not contain any art. Of those who have come into the pub, most have stopped for a chat and discussed the work.

Some visitors have been quite bemused and others have reacted extrememly positively. I am really pleased that the work has been sucessful. One visitor who shared a drink with me on Wednesday afternoon returned this morning with a 4 pack of Guiness and a card for me, and said how much she enjoyed the exhibition.

Thanks for the beers Pat. Drop by again soon.

On Tuesday night a group of the MFA students walked through the exhibition and gave each other feedback on the work. It was a really good opportunity to reflect the show and what we have been working on over the last 6 weeks.